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Hey guys, this is a project that a couple of my friends are working on to shoot (hopefully) soon. I’m probably going to be attached to it, and I’d really appreciate you spreading the word to help us bring in some funds and support. Check out the teaser above, and go here at Indiegogo to find out more and donate. Thanks!

Short Summary

Hello everyone! My name is Ashley Bonn and I’m trying my hardest with my friend and colleague, Allison Morton, to raise funds to produce and shoot our short film, Lay Me in the River.  

The story is a dark tale of death, grief, and extremism that takes place deep in the woods of Louisiana in the mid 1960s. Our goal is to be able to produce this film for a competion and to be sent to film festivals across the country.

This is our first project outside of film school.  We’re currently sophomore students, but don’t let that fool you.  We’re two passionate aspiring filmmakers willing to do whatever it takes to execute our creative visions in filmmaking. This project, in particular, is something that we are extremely passionate about.

Here’s a synopsis:

Set in the mid 60s, Lyle, a southern preacher residing in a secluded backwoods town, loses his wife in the Red River which he and his congregation have cherished as a part of their religious practice.  After his wife, Danielle’s, death, Lyle finds that the River may have been God’s way of punishing her for the sins she committed before being born again in Christ.  Upon finding a collection of photos and memorabilia in his wife’s things, Lyle realizes that she may not have been the woman he thought he’d married.  In a search for redemption, Lyle tries to prevent the same sins from being committed by other women that remind him of Danielle.

What We Need & What You Get

We need everything!  As of now, we’re just two girls starting out on a big dream and we need all the help we can get from all of you to help us realize that dream.  Your donations would go to renting equipment, housing for crew and actors, food, travel, props and costumes. Starting out is never easy, but we truly believe that’s part of the journey. Go here to donate now!

Your donations will help provide all these necessities in filmmaking, but more importantly give us an opportunity to tell a story and realize a great ambition.

Other Ways You Can Help

If your short on cash yourself, but you really want to see our project made, please post a link to this page on facebook or send it out in emails to friends.  Get the word out!  Embrace the power of modern communication! We’d really appreiate it.

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